What images come to mind when you think of the term ‘Survival Nut?’

Do you imagine Nazi and Confederate flags being paraded around a backwoods camp, while jack-booted skinheads salute and scream racial rants?

Maybe you think of a bunker built in the ’50s: stocked with guns, canned food and a transistor radio- all to ward off the Ruskies’ nukes.

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Whatever your thoughts are concerning a survivalist mentality, maybe it’s time to open your mind to another way of thinking.

*Don’t worry- we won’t discuss black helicopters, UFO cover-ups or who REALLY shot JFK!*

Why not think of “survival” as a game with serious consequences? The game is played by you (and your loved ones).  The single objective is to live one more day in spite of desperate circumstances.

Do you want to roll the dice and take a gamble, or do you want to play with a stacked deck?  Are you interested in increasing your odds of winning the game?

Have you prepared yourself and/or your family for “desperate circumstances?”

Have you thought about…

Nuclear war?   You probably don’t need to worry about it, because we’ll all die.

Winter storms?  I’ll bet people living in the Plains states have a few items stocked up.  It’s best to prepare ahead of time.  What would you do if you couldn’t leave your current location for a few days? (Stuck at home, at the office, or even in your vehicle)

Hurricanes?  You might want to ask Katrina victims.  Heck, ask any hurricane victim.  Could you pack up your most precious belongings and get out of your house in just an hour or two?  Could your vehicle hold you, your family and your belongings?  (Don’t forget your photo albums!)  How fast and how far could you go to beat the storm?

Power Outages?  It’s possible to have a major power outage at any time due to a variety of causes.  In the heat of summer, an outage could be nearly unbearable; but in the North country in the dead of winter an outage could be completely disastrous.  If your power went out in subzero weather, would your water pipes burst?  Do you know where your water shutoff is?  How about the gas?

Terrorism?  My guess is 95% of Americans don’t take terrorism seriously.  Even though we suffered a major strike on American soil in 2001, the average American barely thinks about it.  Those that do think that Bush, etc. did the job themselves.  I believe that we still have enemies among us waiting to do us harm.  They could strike anywhere, at anytime, using any weapon that will have the most negative impact.  Would you know what to do if your local area was attacked?

Peak Oil?  What the heck is “Peak Oil?”  Peak Oil is the notion that we’ve reached the limit for cheap and easily obtained petroleum.  9.9 out of 10 Americans haven’t heard the term, but they will soon.  The implications of Peak Oil aren’t just at the fuel pump.  As Oil becomes more difficult to obtain, and as its price escalates, it will affect all sectors of the economy.    Have you thought about the possibility of long-term food shortages, civil unrest and uncertain finances?

The Baby Boom Crisis?  Have you thought about the impact of Boomers nearing retirement age, and making massive pullouts of stock and equities from the market?  Who will buy when the glut of investments re-enter the market?  What about the enormous ‘death bubble’ that is just around the corner?  Are you positioning yourself to take advantage of a difficult situation?

The Survival Nut is your tool for preparing for the unexpected.

Buckle up, because we might be in for a bumpy ride!

In preparedness,

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THE Survival Nut

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