Survival Movie of the Week: “BRAKE!”

Survival Movie of the Week: “BRAKE!”



Unexpected plot twists.

It’s all there.

There were a few times that I thought that I would need to shut the movie off because of its intensity and because I actually felt nauseous and a little anxious.

I don’t usually feel claustrophobic, but in this case, I started to imagine myself trapped in a car trunk.

It was not a pleasant feeling.

Oh, you didn’t know?

The main character, Jeremy Reins, is a gamble-aholic…and a Secret Service agent.

(How he didn’t get fired for ‘moral weakness’ is not addressed in the film, but, hey, haven’t some of the real Secret Service guys had the same problems?)

He finds himself trapped in a plexiglass coffin that is being transported in the trunk of an automobile.

He soon discovers that his captors are interested in ‘Roulette.’

Not the kind of roulette that Jeremy was used to playing in Atlantic City (or wherever)–no, it’s the code name for a protective operation for POTUS during an emergency.

How does Jeremy survive his ordeal?

He survives by doing what survival experts recommend: he uses leverage.

He knows that he has the information that his captors are seeking, and that as soon as he divulges the necessary information, he will no longer be useful to them (This is reminiscent of Jon Voight’s character Patrick Gates in National Treasure–he recognizes that information will keep you alive, if you know how to use it properly).

Jeremy discovers that his experience is a carefully orchestrated plot that makes him confuse reality with training.

I won’t reveal the details of the plot twists, but Jeremy discovers that no one can be trusted.


How can YOU apply this lesson to a survival situation?

1.) Be aware of your surroundings–don’t get kidnapped in the first place!

2.) Be aware of your situation–are you facing reality, or is your mind (or someone else) playing tricks on you?

3.) Be aware of potential outcomes–for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


I don’t know what it cost to make this movie, but it couldn’t have been much–the story is that it was filmed in 12 days.

It was worth every penny, and I recommend it to all action-thriller junkies, survivalist mindset folks, or those that just enjoy movies that use F*CK for ever other word.

Seriously, I would watch it again, even if the ending does not sit well.


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