Survival 101: Food Equals Life–IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PLANT A GARDEN!

Food equals life. Can't live without it!

Survival 101: Food Equals Life–IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PLANT A GARDEN!

Humans can live up to a month or more without food.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it is no fun.

And, if you survive your ordeal, you will likely suffer the ill effects of your long-term fast for the rest of your life.

In an ideal situation, a human should eat every three to four hours.

But what if the grocery stores are closed and you can’t get the bread and milk? (“Gotta get the bread and milk–they said SNOW!“)

What if the food supply has been tainted by a terrorist attack?

What if there is a massive food recall because of a large-scale foodborne illness?

Do you have a plan to provide food for your loved ones?

Do you have a ‘Plan A’ for your own personal food security?

What if ‘Plan A’ fails?

The little man is learning about growing life-sustaining fruits and vegetables. And he’s having fun doing it!

Why not plan for a ‘Victory Garden‘ in your own back forty (acres, that is), your backyard, or your small apartment patio?

“Victory over what?”

During World War II, a victory garden was grown so that commercially grown foods could be sent to soldiers on the front.

Your victory garden today can be grown so that you can have victory over starvation in a worst-scenario, victory over high prices at the grocery store in a bad-case scenario, or victory over chemical-laden fruits and veggies in a best case scenario.

Or, how about victory over massive food conglomerates that control our food supply? (“What do you  mean?” Check it out here.)

Speaking of victory gardens, one of my favorite gardening books is Crockett’s Victory Garden. What I like best about Jim’s book is that it is divided into month-by-month work schedules.

It’s always nice to know WHAT to do, but it is equally important to know WHEN to do it.

Crockett spells all of that out in an easy to use format.

As an added bonus, his book is ultra-cheap on

Find it here:

If you are serious about getting this thing up and running, YOU MUST GET STARTED NOW!

That is, if you plan to save money by planting seeds, versus purchasing seedlings.

If you plan to start from seed, you need to pick up The New Seed Starter’s Handbook.

This book contains all that you need to know about starting at the most basic level: putting seeds in the ground (or in pots), growing them to full fruition, and harvesting seeds for future use. (Be careful about saving seeds, it may be illegal! Purchase heritage seeds from Seed Savers.)

The last book that I’ll recommend in this post is Sunset Vegetable Gardening Illustrated. It contains an encyclopedia of information regarding dozens of vegetables, how to prepare for them, and how to grow them.

These resources are super cheap, and super useful, but only if YOU PURCHASE THESE BOOKS NOW, AND GET GARDENING!

Do it for yourself, for your family, and for your community.

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