Survival 101: Dried Foods Last Longer! (Unless You Have Hungry Children in the House…)

Strawberry cut in half.

Survival 101: Dried Foods Last Longer! (Unless You Have Hungry Children in the House…)

It isn’t rocket science.

Moisture creates an environment for mold and other agents that can spoil fruits, vegetables, and meats.

If enough moisture is removed, things can be preserved for a very, very long time.

The ancient Egyptians knew it.

They preserved fruits, vegetables, meats and pharaohs.

Those pharaohs have lasted for more than 3,000 years.

And they didn’t even use a Ronco Food Dehydrator!

That’s what we used.

Not on a pharoah.

We dehydrated strawberries.

We dehydrated three pounds of strawberries, which was approximately one pound per drying tray.

My plan was to dehydrate these delicious strawberries to store for future use.

You know, in case of an EMP, a asteroid, or–here’s a long shot–a Russian invasion of the Crimea.

The sliced, succulent, sale-priced strawberries ($1 per pound at Kroger) were prepared by my freckle faced strawberry (my redheaded nine year old) and me.

Slicing, dicing, and drying.



…after several hours…

…one hand slips into the cover to try one little slice…

…and then another…

…then another.

Soon, five mouths have savored the flavor of the dried strawberry.

Then, they were gone.

A sweet treat made for another day.

Instead, they were gobbled up before I could say ‘no.’

Of course, I couldn’t say no to myself either.

If it all collapses, we will not have dried strawberries in our cache.

However, my children now do know how to make dehydrated strawberries, and they have one more ‘tool in their toolboxes’ that can aid them in taking care of themselves in the event of a catastrophe.

And, if nothing ever happens, they will know how to prepare food using ancient techniques.

Either way, we all gained something: me–memories and satisfaction, them–memories and a new skill set, all of us–a flavorful treat.

That’s enough for me.

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