Survival Media Highlight: “Feather in the Storm”

Chairman Mao's official portrait as leader of Communist China.

Survival Media Highlight:

Feather in the Storm: A Childhood Lost in Chaos” by Emily Wu and Larry Englemann

“Shit stealers.”

That’s the phrase that I remember most from the book.

It has been several years since I read the book, so many of the specific details are fuzzy.

I remember that Emily, the author, was subjected to many terrors–she was ripped away from her grandparents, she was ripped away from her siblings, and she was ripped away from her parents.

All in the name of progress, all in the name of the “Cultural Revolution.”

The STATE, that is the communist governing body through the dictates of former librarian Chairman Mao (also known as Mao Tse-sung or Zedong), devised a plan to transform China.

The transformation was directed toward the THOUGHTS of the people…the people needed to understand that the STATE was all-knowing and all-powerful.

Emily Wu and her family were caught up in this transformation.

As the description on puts it, “Wu recounts this hidden holocaust in which millions of children and their families died.”

This unnecessary and “hidden holocaust” drove many to take desperate measures.

One of those measures was to sneak into areas that had holding tanks full of human waste.  The excrement was stolen in order to fertilize small hidden gardens that would allow people to feed themselves and their families. (This is somewhat unrelated, but did you read about the giant turd in London?  Read about it here!)

Can you imagine any scenario in which you would find yourself so “in the toilet” (pardon the pun) that you have to stoop to the level of “shit stealer?”

It is frightening to imagine the depths of misery–true desperation–that a person or persons have sunk to when they have to fight over human excrement to survive.

This book, “Feather in the Storm: A Childhood Lost in Chaos,” recounts the details of that horror.

It is also a cautionary tale–we must be vigilant, lest we become so desperate that we lose our dignity.  Not our pride–that is likely to be our downfall!

But the dignity and humility that comes with treating each other with respect, banding together, and fighting to retain our freedom in the face of whatever adversity comes our way.

Check the book out of the library.

Borrow it from a friend.

Or click on the link and buy it.

The important thing is this: just read it.  You will be glad that you did.

Now, let’s see…where did I put my pry bar and five gallon bucket?  I found this septic tank full of waste, and now I just need to…

For more on what’s happening in China today, click on this link.

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