Survival Tip: Prepare for “Snowmageddon” BEFORE It Comes!


Survival Tip: Prepare for “SnowmageddonBEFORE It Comes!

Sure, the youtube video is a humorous take on the “bread & milk” theme–everyone likes to be stocked up on essentials before THE BIG ONE hits.

The problem is, when ‘the herd’ goes to the store and makes panic purchases, the shelves run out in a hurry…


The metro Detroit region ran out of milk as early as 3pm one day into the storm. Imagine if it were a true emergency!


…the poor schmucks that were trying to get the essentials were out of luck.  All that I needed was ice cream and corn starch, which were fully stocked!


Of course, it’s fun to poke fun, so here goes…

Seriously, why is it that bread, milk, eggs, bottled water, toilet paper and paper towels are the items that the ‘sheeple’ feel the need to purchase?


Hasn’t anyone realized that in the continental U.S. there are four seasons, and, generally speaking, winter comes after autumn?!?


If (more like when) a REAL disaster strikes–an EMP, a long-term power outage, another terrorist attack–how will the hysterical hordes respond?

Will they have taken the necessary steps to prepare for all types of contingencies, or will they over-react, over-buy, and cause a panic?

If Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, or Snowzilla is any indication, the masses have not learned their lesson.

If we are lucky, there will be some sense of civility during the next calamity.

Here are some useful links regarding the blizzard and general preparation:

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