What is the Number One Rule for Driver Safety?

Observe all safety rules: don't be "that guy!"

What is the Number One Rule for Driver Safety?

IS IT “Eat fast food while driving–in fact use your knee to drive if both hands are full?…”

…I don’t think so.

IS IT “Chatter non-stop with your friends that are in the car, and to the ones that are on your phone–three ‘virtual’ text conversations and three ‘live’ conversations in the vehicle at the same time?…”

…Uh, no.

IS IT “Blast the radio to the highest volume, pump the bass, and cruise along looking at everyone looking at you?…”

…Sure, it is.  If you want to go to prison for vehicular manslaughter for running over an innocent child that ran out in front of you.

Here’s a hint: Watch the following video that shows “the flying truck.”

After you have seen the video, maybe you will know what is number one!


The Number 1 Rule for Driver Safety (according to The Survival Nut) is PAY ATTENTION!

As you saw in the video, it is entirely possible that you may cross paths with a flying semi.

This one looked like a stunt out of “The Dukes of Hazzard,” but it wasn’t.

Imagine if an automobile had been passing through the intersection at that same moment–or an empty fuel tanker (why empty?).  The results would have not been so humorous (the video plays Waylon Jennings and other songs to highlight some of our absurd reactions).

In fact, the results could have been deadly.

As drivers, and as preppers, we must understand that one of the basic rules of survival is that we must be vigilant and constantly pay attention!

Have you prepared your vehicle for winter’s surprises yet?  Here’s a link to some basic auto preparation: Survival Tip: Practical Winter Prep for Your Automobile


Here are some useful driving tips from some reputable websites:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

National Safety Council

Progressive Insurance






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