Survival/Prepper Tip: Care for Your Cordage!

Rope comes in all shapes and sizes...

I was digging through some of my old literature, and I found a pamphlet put out by Lehigh products, makers or fine rope and cordage (now owned by Jarden).

It is just some basic rope and cordage care instructions and some 101 knots, but it is concise and it gives great beginner advice.

Well, maybe not just for beginners–it has helpful refreshers for old regulars that use rope all of the time, but sometimes forget the essentials.

Here is a handy youtube video that shows proper rope storage, which is another important basic skill for survival–especially if you find yourself in a situation that requires quick access, materials that are pre-staged, and ready to be used:

The two techniques that he uses (the basic coil and the daisy chain) make storage and accessibility clean and easy.

What if you do not have any rope or cordage in a survival/prep situation?

You will need to learn how to make rope out of natural materials–click here for The Survival Nut’s ropemaking blog post.

Or here for more information on survival classes in northern Michigan.

One more time: here is the Lehigh rope care pamphlet, in case you missed it!

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