50 Things to Do or to Have on Hand in Case of Emergency

Here at The Survival Nut, we have a saying.

Ok, we have several sayings–some of them are for polite company, and some are not…

Among those sayings, we have a few favorites.

Here is one (yup, it is a cliche): “Why re-invent the wheel?”

Oftentimes, we have chosen not to write yet another blog entry that consists of how-to’s, and what-for’s, or who is’s.

The reason for this is that the internet is teeming with useful information.

Sometimes, it is hard to weed through all of the garbage to get to the useful information.

So, one of our missions here is to share the websites or webpages that have caught our attention, and have useful contributions to make.

The following is a great example: Truthalyzer’s “Fifty items for extended emergencies [UPDATED].”

We don’t agree with every social or political claim that is made on the Truthalyzer site, but we do believe that this particular post covers the bases on preparing for a long-term, serious emergency situation.

We recommend printing the list of 50 items, and trying to gather those resources one at a time.

Emergency preparedness takes many forms and has a hierarchy: the first priority is preparing for the most likely daily emergency (have a packed an extra hat and pair of gloves for cold weather), potential common hazards (does my vehicle have a useable spare tire in case of a flat tire?), all the way to a true societal collapse emergency (the legendary “End of The World As We Know It” scenario–you know, zombies and bombs, and all of that).

Commit today to preparing for real-life, legitimate ‘inconveniences,’ and build your skill set and stockpile according to your beliefs about future calamities…


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