Fire 101: “Friction Fire with a Bow Drill!”

Fire 101: “Friction Fire with a Bow Drill!”

It is confession time.

I love to make fire.

I could make fire every day.

And, truth be known, I do make fire almost every day.

It’s a part of my job.

Lucky me!

I teach firemaking skills to children, teens, adults, and anyone in between.

I decided to make a wildly over-sized (Paul Bunyan sized) bow drill fire kit for demonstration purposes.

I suggest watching the youtube video in this blog.  The folks over at the Maine Primitive Skills School ( have done a great job showing the basics firemaking using  a bow drill.

It is fairly easy to make, and it is very satisfying to see the smoke wafting up from the hearthboard.

For a nicely written tutorial, visit Jon’s Bushcraft for a bow drill article (

There are one thousand and one ways to make fire–you just need one…

…choose one, and get started!


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