Survival News: “Voluntary” Checkpoints Across America


Coming to a town near you: “Voluntary” checkpoints in which you “voluntarily” give a DNA sample via a cheek swab, or have your blood drawn to test for alcohol.

The problem, as you will see in the video, is that people felt coerced or intimidated into giving samples, or were subject to a breathalyzer without consent or knowledge.

The last time I checked, this was the United States of America.

The citizens and residents of this nation have certain rights that have been conferred upon them–certain “unalienable rights…endowed by their Creator“–you know, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and all that .

I think somewhere in those founding documents that there is some mention of “unreasonable search and seizure” etc.

It looks like the pilot program involves 30 US cities, but if this is just a test, it will probably expand nationwide.

NSA spying, the militarization of police forces, checkpoints–is the federal government in such fear of its citizens that it must resort to Stalinist tactics?

Or are they fascist tactics? The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) is a private company contracting with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), a regulatory agency of the US that has little representative oversight.

The NTSB essentially runs its own show–it does not appear that they even alerted local authorities to their presence or their intentions.  This merging of private enterprise and government (think Blackwater in Iraq), or fascism, can be a dangerous mix that strips away civilian rights lightning fast.

It is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  There–I said it.

I am not comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler.  It wouldn’t make much sense anyways, since many of these policies were put in place during previous administrations, stretching all the way back to Truman (Truman founded the NSA in the early 1950s using an executive order).

The question is, why have the federal bureaucrats been building up a heavily policed, lopsided surveillance state?

Do they fear an uprising?

…an uprising–that is a topic for a different post!

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