Survival News: War with China?!?!

Chinese soldiers in drill formation.

Sometimes the unthinkable becomes thinkable.

World War III?

The United States and China involved in a regional conflict involving a few small islands, escalating into a full-blown total warfare situation, in which all nations play a part?

Have you been paying attention to the news?

Many news outlets have been detailing the ‘ratcheting up’ of rhetoric, and the elevated alert status for Asian nations.

For InfoWars’ view on the subject, read a recent article titled “US Should Plan for War with China.”

While I understand that some readers may view Infowars as a crackpot far-right cabal, even the mainstream media has been reporting on this issue.

For a collection of links, read a recent The Survival Nut blog post that contains several links documenting the rise of China.

Just this past week, a US warship and a Chinese warship almost collided in a confrontation in a disputed marine territory.

Make no mistake, China is literally and figuratively “testing the waters”–they wish to determine who will stand up to them on the world stage.

Of course, the irony is that if the US decided to enter into a war with China, America would have to ask China to finance it, since the US is financially destitute.

As The Survival Nut has stated consistently, “The US plays checkers while China plays chess.”

Which is to say, China has a multi-faceted, long-term strategy that it has been purposefully following for years.

The strategy? Global Domination!

The US has a strategy: borrow every penny, overspend every penny, and pretend that there are no consequences for poor decision making.

The US will not win the war of ideas with radical Islam (a different subject for a different day), and it will not win the physical war with China.


If America does go to war, the best that it can hope for is a peaceful surrender in which it becomes an impoverished vassal state to China–perhaps as a colony, or as a serf-status state.

There are no better alternatives–the US cannot finance an all-out war, and it cannot win an all-out war.  She has few true allies, and China has an army that is larger than the total population of the United States of America.

Only a miracle can save this once great nation, and since the US has essentially declared itself to be a “God-free” nation, miracles are probably not an option.

Are you looking for a ray of hope?

Here it is:

I suggest learning basic survival skills, developing a reasonable exit strategy from the U.S. when the time comes, or hunkering down in place and hoping for deliverance from China through a foreign benefactor.

Who is that benefactor?

Let’s discuss that in a future post!

UPDATE: Is this the beginning of “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny?”


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