Survival Tip: Practical Winter Prep for Your Automobile

The idea of ‘survival training’ sometimes conjures up the image underground bunkers (Click here), neo-Nazi skinheads (Click here), or religious fanatics (Click here).

Here at The Survival Nut, we are proud to say that we are radicals!

Unfortunately, the underground bunker plans are on hold–we’d have to dig t underneath of the septic field, and that just seems to be inviting trouble.  Or feces.

We don’t mind the idea of shaved heads (we found Sinead O’Connor’s pate to be lovely in the 1990s), but racial prejudice and bigotry are not our thing.  If it is your ‘thing,’ best of luck to you, and go visit another website.  Something like, or whatever.

Religious fanatics?  Well, I suppose we’ve been called that.  Plain, down-home folk, regular church attendees, we even read the Bible.  Yup, probably considered religious fanatics in modern America.


This post is about basic ‘survival training.’  One of the basics is “Making the Best of Things in the Worst of Times,” which just happens to be The Survival Nut’s mantra.

Basic survival is being prepared for a variety of things, such as cold weather.  So, here is a youtube video that describes basic winter prep for an automobile:

CNN reported a recent accident which involved a family of six out in a remote part of the western US.  They had an accident in an area which is difficult to reach, and people can become lost easily.  The adults were able to keep their wits and save their family’s lives.  Read their account on The Survival Nut’s post “Family of Six Makes it Out Alive in Nevada.”


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