Survival Tip: Keep it Cool!

I found this useful video from CrypticCricket that shows how to make a primitive refrigeration device–a ZEER pot.

This device will not keep a Coca-Cola ice cold, but it will allow fruits, vegetables, and medications to have an extended shelf-life.

In a “grid-down” scenario, the ability to cool food or medications by 10-15 degrees could mean the difference between life and death, or some ‘degree’ of difference between. (Get it? Degree? You know, a pun…well, anyways…)

If this ZEER pot will work in sub-Saharan Africa, it will probably work anywhere.

Except maybe Antarctica. I think it might be unnecessary there. Especially since the world’s lowest known temperature (more than -135 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded by satellite in the eastern portion of the ice continent–click here for link.

Of course, these days, the northern hemisphere is struggling to keep warm, not cool.  All of our Aussie readers are enjoying the summer down under at this time of year!

Faithful readers, don’t you worry, our next tip will deal with WINTER SURVIVAL!

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