Survival News: More Surveillance, this time it is Cell Phone Data

Most Americans already know that they are being heavily spied upon–and thanks to Edward Snowden, most of the rest of the world knows that it is being spied upon as well!

Here at The Survival Nut, we posted a story a while back about snooping on ourselves (click here for that post).

The USA Today reports that even though we voluntarily give up a lot of information (facebook, anyone?), American police forces are able to extract even more information than we may have initially realized.

Many police forces around the nation are using a product named “Stingray” that is able to act as a simulated cell phone tower.

This means that when you take a photo of…well, a photo of ANYTHING on your smart phone (whether appropriate or not), it will send from your smartphone to the tower, or in this case, the phony police tower, even if you erase it one second after you took it.

This means that even though you may think that you are taking photos in your own home, with some presumed level of privacy, YOU ARE NOT DOING SO!

Every activity that you perform digitally (double entendres not intended!)  is being recorded and monitored somewhere by some device.

We also advise you to be very cautious about using webcam enabled devices (such as laptops and cell phones), since the FBI has been able to turn webcams on and off without the user’s knowledge (Click here for The Blaze’s report on this subject).


Tinfoil Hat? (Oh, wait–here’s an old blog post about “tinfoil hats“…)


Here is the full report by USA Today.  It is well worth reading.

UPDATE: Stingray in Indy!  Click here…

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