Breaking Survival News: Radioactive Material (Cobalt 60) Stolen in Mexico!

The international symbol for radioactive materials.

Global news sources are stating that a truck with radioactive material has been stolen in northwestern Mexico.

The truck appears to have been stolen on Monday, December 2, 2013.

It is uncertain if the truck was stolen as a random act, or if it was a targeted theft to gain the spent Cobalt-60 that it was transporting.

The radioactive material was being shipped from a hospital to a disposal facility.

It was during a refueling stop that the theft took place.

The truck is a white Volkswagen semi-truck, with a specialized pallet on its trailer. The pallet is presumably marked as ‘radioactive.’

Authorities say that the material could not be used to make a conventional nuclear weapon, but that it could be used for a ‘dirty bomb’.

A ‘dirty bomb’ is a device that, when detonated, can spread low levels of radiation to a fairly large area.  Urban centers are particularly vulnerable targets for these types of devices because of large, dense populations.

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