UPDATE: More Para-Military Materials for Municipal Police Forces


Well, it ain’t Mayberry anymore.

“Andy, can I put my bullet in my gun?!?”

“No, Barney, it’s best to keep it in your pocket for now.”

America certainly has changed from the idyllic scenes of peacekeeping officers welcoming visitors to town.

Instead, America’s police forces, even in rural areas, are picking up military hardware, and keeping it in case they need it.

The AP (Associated Press) reports: “Coming soon to your local sheriff: 18-ton, armor-protected military fighting vehicles with gun turrets and bulletproof glass that were once the U.S. answer to roadside bombs during the Iraq war.”

This militarization of police has caused concern from all corners of political/societal thought: the ACLU (no bastion of conservatism) has voiced its concerns, as well as Alex Jones’ Infowars (not exactly a liberal-leftist organization).

The Survival Nut has commented on this in the past in other postings:
The Militarization of Police Forces in America



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