Survival News: “Big Food”–Food Conglomerates Control Almost Everything that You Eat, Drink, and Wear

Food equals life. Can't live without it!
“Big Food” controls what you eat.

Big Food controls almost everything that we need for survival: food, water, clothing.

What this article doesn’t tell you, is that this is just on the final consumption end.

Big Food also controls the actual production (seeds, animal husbandry, fertilizers) for the entire nation as well–have you seen Food, Inc.?

Why the concern?

Food supply monopolies help to lower prices–at least in the short-term.

But what about food conglomerates need to satisfy shareholders and the stock market–the bottom line, and their need to supply quality foods?

Forbes magazine recently reported that a Coca-Cola manufacturer in Mexico announced that it would abandon cane sugar and most likely replace it with high fructose corn syrup.

So what?

Well, according to Gizmodo, it seems that high fructose corn syrup has some potentially nasty compounds in it: “like mercury and other chemical compounds.”

For the full article “10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy” click here.

Of course, food quality is not the only concern.

If 10 corporations control the national food supply, how do they sway politics?

Have these corporations ‘persuaded’ Congress or other representatives to pass laws that are beneficial to the corporations, but not necessarily to the consumer?

According to Take Part, Big Ag is deeply involved in influencing every aspect of food production at the highest political levels.

The U.S. even allows substances that are banned all over the world into our food supply–read about it here.

So what can you do?

One solution is to purchase produce and meat from local suppliers, as noted in a previous post–“Support Your Local Farm and Producers Community!

Another solution is to become a producer yourself–you may wish to review your state’s cottage food industry laws first–find it here.

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