Survival Tip: Build a Community!

Be like the ants!

Now is a good time to build a network of family, friends, and a community.

Why build it?

For peace of mind…

For safety…

For the camaraderie.

For the sake of survival!

Many bands of Native Americans summered in large groups all around North America. When winter and the lean times came, they broke into family units of approximately 30-35 people.

Why 30-35?

It’s an optimal ratio of able bodies for work and mouths to feed.

After the winter was over, camp would break, the small 30+ person bands would rejoin with the larger tribe and reconnect.

So, why not build your network the same way?

Plan on joining a large group of like-minded people during the good times, then pre-plan who will be in your core unit.

Have you heard of A.N.T.S.?

Americans Networking to Survive might just be the large group that you join in good times–new friends, new core unit members.

Check them out here.

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