Breaking News: LAX Gunman Shoots and Kills TSA Agent!

The Seal of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Yes, another mass shooting:

Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

At approximately 9:20 am (PST), Paul Anthony Ciancia, the alleged gunman, began a shooting spree inside of one of LAX’s terminals.

For specific information on this unfortunate event, read the BBC’s account here.

Or, if you’d like to read the Associated Press (AP) story, click here.

Of course, the question is: “What is going on in America?!?”

There are extreme narratives out there:

For far-right-borderline-paranoia opinions, check out Infowars’ look at the incident here.

If you’d like some left-leaning reporting, CNN is always available here. (To their credit, CNN hasn’t gone anti-gun crazy on this story, yet.  They will!)

This is the situation the United States finds itself with:

*a whole generation of young men (18-35) that are despondent and aimless

*millions of young men that have been drugged to stop their normal young male behaviors (psychotropic drugs can permanently alter brain chemistry)

*young men that have few acceptable outlets that allow them to burn off some testosterone (even the military is becoming feminized)

*fear of a national Big Brother government taking over every aspect of daily life (rational or irrational?)

*a ready access to firearms and ammunition

This combination of despondent, drug-addled, paranoid young men that have access to weapons of (limited) mass destruction means that the United States of America has only scratched the surface of the bloodbath yet to come.

How do we combat this?

More on that later…

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