Survival News: Zombies and an Unfortunate Death…

tHE zOMBiE ApoCALyPSe iS tURniNg iNTo rEALiTy!

Art is supposed to reflect reality.

Unfortunately, in this case, reality has become distorted.

What case?

In the case of a young man that was obviously hallucinating, and found himself in complete danger–and then he was shot to death.

It is a real tragedy.

Twenty-two year old Paul Bracamontes was probably high on something,  maybe he had a psychiatric condition, or maybe he had been watching too much of the hit tv show “The Walking Dead.”

Whatever the cause of his psychosis, he was raving about zombies before he forcibly entered a stranger’s home.

The homeowner did what most of us would do when encountering a madman that is out of his mind and appears to be dangerous.

He protected his property and his life–he shot the intruder.

This is not a defense of the shooting–One would have to have been there to understand the circumstances.

The final result is that a young life has ended–probably unnecessarily.

Another life has been unalterably disrupted–the shooter is probably full of regret, and may even face charges.

Bottom line: Before you squeeze that trigger, make sure it is the right decision.  If it is, make it count.

Have you seen the latest zombie video? A St. Petersburg, Florida woman ravages a McDonald’s restaurant while wearing nothing but her panties (you’ve been warned)! Even the video surveillance observers recognize that the zombie apocalypse has begun! Watch it here (ONCE AGAIN, IT IS GRAPHIC–SHE IS TOPLESS)

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