Dr. ChangeGlove: Or How I Stopped Washing and Loved the Dirt!

e coli
Scan of e. coli bacteria.

It has been many years since I have seen “Dr. Strangelove,” and this post has almost nothing to do with the movie, but I had to post a youtube video anyways:

 And truthfully, I’m just using a play on its title–instead of “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb,” I decided to discuss a sanitary issue and call the post “Dr. ChangeGlove: Or How I Stopped Washing and Love the Dirt.”

Here is the situation.

I am not a clean freak.

My wife says that my vehicle looks like a homeless person lives in it.

It is true.

My vehicle is probably home to dozens of species of bacteria that could wipe out the population of Planet Earth.

Fortunately, we have a ready defense.

Every container of soap in the house contains an anti-bacterial agent.

I can scrub all that stuff right off of my hands and body, and sterilize myself completely.

And I used to do that every day.

Until I read this: “Why Gut Bacteria is Good for You.”

I read the Reader’s Digest article–and it reminded me that survival begins with good health.

Good health begins with good bacteria.

We are treating all bacteria as if it is bad–it is like cutting your toenails with a shotgun.

Now, if it the soap is labeled ‘anti-bacterial’ I won’t use it.

Sure, I’ll clean myself up when I’m dirty.

I’ll even use soap.

As long as it is old-fashioned-doesn’t-kill-all-the-good-microbes soap.


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