Survival Television Show: The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead
This is the original cast image from The Walking Dead.


This post may show that I’m a little behind the times when it comes to entertainment–especially in regards to television shows.

I don’t have cable television, I rarely watch ‘free’ tv, but I do have Netflix. And the internet.

I had no reason for (or interest in) watching the AMC show The Walking Dead until I found just the right excuse: I am taking a free online university course based on The Walking Dead cable tv series.

Incidentally, I discussed the class “Society, Science, and Survival” in a previous post (click here).

For most of you that are reading this, you already know the premise: the zombie apocalypse has taken place.  Most people are either fully dead, or ‘zombified.’

There are a few survivors.

The show focuses on a band of survivors near Atlanta, Georgia.

The group is an amalgam of friends, strangers, and stragglers.

If I were watching the show just for its entertainment value, that would be enough.  It has great entertainment value!  Suspense, gore, and drama–it’s all there.

But it has something more.

It gives a pretty accurate portrayal of the psychological impact of death, disorder, and disease that surviving an ‘event’ presents.

I’m on episode 5 of the first season.

And I’m hooked.

The first season can be watched on Netflix (click here) or Amazon sells it (The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

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