Making a Survival Kit

mini survival pack
This is a great little survival kit designed by

Sometimes, it is tempting to be a know-it-all.

I could say, “Hey, I know how to make the best compact survival pouch!”

Then reality would strike in the form of my fourteen year old daughter–“If you know how to make one, why haven’t you put one together for our family yet?”

The great thing is, I don’t need to put any thought into it– has a great little do-it-yourself survival kit with a checklist.

Just go through the checklist, find something to store it all in, and you are all set!

Now I have no more excuses–I’ll even have my fourteen year old help me put the kit together.

Thanks, fellow preppers!

Here’s a link to the basics here on the survival nut: Basic Survival Kit

Or another on budget items for a survival kit.

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