Survival Skill of the Week: Support Your Local Farm and Producers Community!

Two wild apples on the tree.
Wild apples on the tree, waiting to be picked.

Support your LOCAL economy!

Our modern economy encourages large scale, trans-national shipments of goods from one location to another.

In some instances, this makes sense.

Other times, it causes us to scratch our heads.

For example, why ship apples from Washington state to the Midwest, when the Midwest produces its own apples?

So, I say, support the local economy–buy Michigan apples and produce when they are in season–in the off season, go ahead and purchase those cross-continental apples!

Fresh cider and donuts are hard to beat…

…have you ever thought of producing your own apple cider?

***Click here to learn how to make your own cider!***

Here is a collection of links for locally produced apples, apple cider, donuts, and farm produce in southeastern Michigan:

Blake’s Orchards

Miller’s Big Red Apple Orchard

Franklin Cider Mill

Yates Cider Mill

Stony Creek Orchard

Verellen Orchards

Westview Orchards

Read Andrew Zimmern’s view on local foods at Reader’s Digest here.

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