Good News and Recovery: Drug Addict Survives and Gives Back!

WSMV Channel 4

The odds are probably one in a million.

No, not for winning the lottery.

The odds for recovering from serious drug abuse…

…of gaining meaningful employment after recovery…

…of recognizing your personal responsibility and guilt…

…of robbing someone many years ago, and returning the money eleven years later (with 25% simple interest!)…

 It is easy to lose faith in mankind, in our fellow human beings.

In the ‘prepper’ ‘survivalist’ ‘doomer’ community, sometimes it’s easier to point out the 999,999 that have gone astray than it is to look at the one that was saved from the evils of drugs.

Of course, this is true of society in general–it is easy to condemn, difficult to praise.

So, I say, let’s celebrate that this former drug addict is in recovery, he has found freedom from his bondage, and he SURVIVED!!!

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