Survival Book of the Week: “Inside the Revolution” by Joel Rosenberg

Title: Inside the Revolution

Author: Joel C. Rosenberg

Comments: Wow!  This book contains more information in the INTRODUCTION than most other books contain from cover to cover.

Mr. Rosenberg paints a realistic picture of the current struggles and trends in the Middle East.

He thoroughly details the struggle taking place between the radical extremist jihadis, the reform-minded moderate Muslims that want to co-exist peacefully with their non-Muslim neighbors, and the revivalist 21st Century Middle Eastern Christians.

According to Joel, these three Rs will determine the fate of the Middle East, and possibly the entire world.  This clash of ideologies is centuries old, but the current conflict has the highest stakes yet–we live in a nuclear age, after all.

Rush Limbaugh says that “[r]egardless of your political views, you’ve got to read [Rosenberg’s] stuff.”

Personally, I don’t agree with Rosenberg’s understanding of biblical prophecy or eschatology.  HOWEVER–this book is NOT one of his books about “end-times,” it is a book on the history, current events, and trends surrounding the Middle East.

In short, his understanding of the true spiritual nature of the conflict is “spot on” in this publication.

You can find more Joel Rosenberg publications and views at

If Joel’s predictions are true–that more war is coming–then you may want to brush up on your survival skills–remember, “The key to survival is mental toughness!”

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