Survival News (NOT REALLY!): London Suffers Clogged Sewers–A Huge Glob of Fat!

What does a fifteen ton (is that metric or standard?) ‘fatberg’ have to do with survivalism?

Yes, it is a stretch.

And it is disgusting.

If this monstrous glob of fat and feces and…ugh!–were to completely block the sewage system (it was 95% clogged) the manhole covers in South London might have spewed out noxious and potential hazardous biological waste.

What should one do in such a situation?

The Key: The Key to Survival is Mental Toughness!

Or check this out: “How to Survive Any Situation!”

These posts don’t deal specifically with a 300,000 pound turd, but they do give general ideas about surviving all types of situations.

Now, just remember, be careful what you flush down the toilet!

Read the Daily Mail article here.

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