Survival Situation of the Week: Jumper Cable Confession

!!!BREAKING NEWS: Preparedness Guru Forgets Jumper Cables!!!

I consider myself to be a prepper…

Not really a doomer…

Not really a survivalist…

I consider myself to be a person that “prepares for the worst, and hopes for the best.”

I must confess: Today, I was unprepared.

I was out with my kids, shopping at a garage sale (more on garage sales on a different post).

I didn’t want to leave my vehicle idling, so I shut if off.  When I tried to start it up again, all it did was ‘click.’

I looked in the trunk.

No bug-out bag.

No survival kit.

No jumper cables.

I asked someone else for a jump, but he had no cables.  I found a short pair of homemade jumpers that I made for doubling up batteries for a boat that I use.

The cables were SHORT, but in a situation that lacks the ideal, a second choice substitute will do!

The kind driver of the other vehicle lined up bumper-to-bumper, and we were able to start it back up.

I drove the van to the local fix-it garage.  The van ran out of juice–it conked out–RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SHOP!

I was not PROPERLY prepared, but I was able to think through the situation and use something that served the purpose that I needed it to.

When I pick up the van from the shop tomorrow, the first thing that I’ll do is…

…drive it home!

(And put some jumper cables in the trunk!)

One last thing: The battery is fine, but my alternator died on me.

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