Survival News: Solar Flare!

The science fiction concept of a global electronic catastrophe caused by an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) that is man-made or caused by a solar flare was almost a reality a few weeks ago!

Read about it in this recent article by the Washington Examiner:

Or in the LA Times:,0,7996603.story#axzz2jObTdEso

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the sun’s lack of activity:

Yahoo! also chimes in on the calmness of the sun:

This lack of activity has some concerned that a wave of concentrated activity could begin, thus collapsing our fragile global electronic network.

Christian author Terri Blackstock wrote a fictional series of books about a solar flare that completely disrupted life on Planet Earth.  The series begins with “Last Light.

The remake of the action movie “Red Dawn” depicts North Korea’s use of an EMP on the US to cut off all ability to resist an invasion.

EMP/solar flares are real.

The question is, how likely is it that we will experience a cataclysmic man-made/natural EMP?

My reading of the information out there says that on a scale of 1-10 (one being the least likely, ten being the most likely), it looks like a 2 or a 3.

In comparison, how likely is it that we (the US) will experience a cataclysmic financial collapse in the near future?

Same scale: 9-10.

I would recommend Peter Schiff’s Crash Proof as a primer on the imminent collapse of the American economy.

WND’s take on a North Korean EMP attack:

Recent EMP headline:

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