Survival School Spotlight: M.O.S.S.

According to Gary Winkelman of the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, Jim Miller (owner of JM Willow Winds) is “an outdoorsman and expert in primitive and traditional skills and crafts.”

I couldn’t agree more.

About five or six years ago, I attended one of Jim’s M.O.S.S. programs up at his property in Mikado, Michigan.

M.O.S.S. (Michigan Outdoor Survival School) is an intensive, back-to-nature “primitive technology” (I really detest the descriptive primitive–there is nothing primitive about ancient man!) that consists of the following:

Fire by Friction
Bark Baskets
Edible & Useful Plants
Brain Tanning
a Guided Canoe Trip
Stone Tools
Dutch Oven Cooking
Map & Compass (Orienteering)
Flint Knapping
Making Rawhide
Net Making
and more!

Jim and his follow instructors teach courses throughout the year at a variety of locations. Some of his programs consist of Native American woodcraft, advanced camping, primitive skills, and survival techniques in a variety of situations.

For information about Jim Miller, his business, “Willow Winds,” or to sign up for M.O.S.S. (or other courses) visit his website at

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