Survival Situation of the Week: Carjacking!

It’s rough and tough in Wilmington, Delaware.

First of all, Delaware is home to some of the most open financial regulations in the nation.

If you can read between the lines, that means that banks and other money-lenders can legally rob you!*

Second of all, Wilmington doesn’t like to admit it, but in reality, it is a suburb of the real ‘rough and tough’ city, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

And, probably no surprise (since Wilmington is very urban, situated in very close proximity to Philly), the city has plenty of ‘thug-life’ wanna-bes.

I just want to know why Deiondre Travis couldn’t be a real tough guy and carjack some 6’6″ athlete.

No, this clown had to carjack a priest at a Catholic Church in Wilmington.

When (if) he is incarcerated, what kind of bragging rights will he have?

“Yeah, man, I told the priest give me the keys. He was some bad dude–you know he had that funny haircut, he was carrying a crucifix–he even had a Bible! I am one bad mother, I carjacked a monk!”

Fortunately, he did not injure the priest. He held him at gunpoint, used a racial slur (this was black-on-black crime), and threatened him.

The priest felt violated.

I’m glad that he is still alive enough to have any feelings at all.

So, how did Father Paul Williams survive his ordeal?

It sounds like he kept his cool, handed the keys to the punk, and “put [his]…faith in God…

Here are some tips for surviving a carjacking:

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*NOTE: Concerning bankers, etc.–Yeah, yeah, I know that we are the dummies that sign our names on the line that says, “I will sell my firstborn child in order to pay my debt to this sleazeball,” but the American system is designed to make debt servitude mandatory!

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