Detroit, the Frontline of Survivalism

Detroit compressed
A recent photo of Detroit’s skyline featuring the General Motor’s Renaissance Center. Detroit’s management team has determined that Chapter 9 bankruptcy is the only course of action to stave off creditors.


Detroit, Michigan’s former crown jewel, has declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Hopefully, the citizens of Detroit knew that this day was coming, and prepared for it.

But, I’m sure they didn’t.

How could they?

Detroit Bankruptcy: Channel 4 Detroit

Many of Detroit’s residents have been living in survival mode for years: no running water (wash the kids up at the gas station before school), no electricity (go to the library or another public institution or the Smart bus for a/c), and no heat (live in an abandoned home and burn old furniture to stay warm).

It is difficult to believe that this has happened in the United States of America, but are any preppers surprised?

Probably not.

Detroit has been in decline since the late 1960s as a culmination of its legendary race riots, shifting population, corrupt city officials (the infamous Coleman Young, and the more recent Kwame Kilpatrick), and loss of manufacturing.

The decline may have been manageable, or even successfully navigated, if the citizens of the city had recognized Dennis Archer’s potential while mayor.  He served one term–likely because he was too honest for the D’s dirty (oh, so dirty!) politics.  The current mayor, Dave Bing, is just too nice to be the tough guy that the city needed to get right side up.

The latest news is that a state court has determined that the bankruptcy cannot proceed.

I’ve got news for you.

Detroit has been bankrupt for at least 15 years.  No judge can change that fact.

It’s time to hit rock bottom (bankruptcy proceedings) so that the citizens and surrounding community can start over.

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