Survival Philosophy of the Week: Skill Acquisition is EXPONENTIAL!

When learning a new skill–knot tying, for instance–the student often believes that he or she is experiencing a linear event:

“Today, I am learning how to make a half hitch knot.  Tomorrow, I will learn how to tie a clove hitch.”

In reality, the student is learning a series of skills just from one knot tying class.

Watch this Mansome Lesson (#242): Guide to Tying Knots with Whitefeather

First, a novice has the opportunity to experience the “feel” of the rope, allowing for an intuitive experience in understanding the strength and properties of the material.

Second, a novice learns new dexterity and confidence by becoming familiar with the unfamiliar.

Third, and most important, the novice begins to experience an awakening of the mind–the possibilities of usage for ONE SINGLE KNOT are endless!

This learning process opens up new avenues of thought that were lying dormant before seeking new skills.

Here is a fun site that is FULL OF KNOTS!–>

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