Survival Tip of the Week: Become a Re-enactor!

This week’s survival tip is this: Consider becoming an historic re-enactor!

Most re-enacting groups portray life before modern amenities like electricity, indoor plumbing, and automobiles.

charlie voyageur beaver 1

Many groups offer skills training for free or for a reduced cost for members.  These skills are essential for proper re-enacting, and they also happen to be great for survival.

From blacksmithing to black powder, from fire by friction (or flint & steel) to overnight shelters–re-enacting skills are survival skills!

If you happen to find yourself in the metro Detroit area during August, make sure that you visit the Lac Sainte Claire Voyageur encampment at Lake Saint Clair Metropark.  Click here for details! Or HERE!

Here is a nice website that has a lot of information on re-enacting: “Passion for the Past”

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