Wild Edible of the Week: Raspberries!


The season for wild raspberries has begun in earnest throughout the United States and Canada.  Just this afternoon, I discovered a large patch of raspberries growing in a stony and sandy wasteland near my worksite.  Raspberries grow in a variety of locations: they can be found along a fencerow, the roadside, or even at a fast food restaurant!

black raspberries
Black raspberries

Not long ago, my children and I were passing through a Tim Horton’s drive-thru to drink some hot chocolate (yes, I know–hot chocolate in July doesn’t make sense, but I don’t drink coffee!) and we spied raspberries poking through the weedy underbrush near the parking lot.  Upon further inspection, we discovered HANDFULS of sweet and tart berries of delight!

Peterson’s Edible Wild Plants reveals some interesting facts about raspberries: The fruit is edible (we all know that); however, “the dried leaves can be used to make tea and tender blackberry shoots can be added fresh to salads” (Peterson Field Guides, A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants, p. 184).

Jams, jellies, or just a handful–go pick some fresh and wild raspberries today!*

*Be sure to determine if the area has been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides, and, as always, if you are not certain of a plant’s safety, do not eat it!

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